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About The Plant

The Plant Cafe Organic grew out of a desire to make it easy and affordable to eat delicious healthy local organic food. 

Our mission is to promote the wellbeing of people and planet, and provide an avenue to support healthy choices and sustainable practices.

We have 6 Bay Area restaurants and cafes, including a cafe in SFO Airport, Terminal 2. 

Everything we serve is made with exclusively 100% organic and local ingredients. Our produce is seasonal from around the bay area, often picked only days before being served. Our poultry is free range and organic and seafood wild/sustainable.  Almost everything served is made from scratch in our kitchens to ensure freshness and quality.

The Plant’s menu is diverse, comprised largely of contemporary California cuisine and Asian inspired flavors.  Items range from freshly made juices and smoothies, salads, sandwiches, wholesome grain dishes and pastas, poultry and fresh seafood to 100% organic house-made pastries and desserts.  The broad menu aims to provide organic options for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike.  

The Plants are designed and built using some of the greenest materials, in support of lowering emissions and impact on climate change.


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