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If you have ANY additional questions or concerns, please call our cleanse specialists at 415-923-8562 or email us at cleanse@theplantcafe.com.  We would love to hear from you and are happy to help!

1. How are The Plant's new cleanses different from your old program?

We've been offering juice cleanses to our loyal cafe and restaurant guests since 2010.  For our fouth year, we wanted to take our juices and program up a notch.  You can now order online in addition to phone and email. 

Our juice cleanses are now cold pressed, rather than centrifugally extracted.  The cold press method first crushes then presses the ingredients for the highest possible yield.  The nutrients stay in tact for a longer period of time because they are exposed to less air and less heat in this process.  The juices that are made to order at our cafe and restaurant locations are centrifugally extracted.  This method also produces delicious juice, but in smaller yields and the juice should be consumed as soon as possible to get the maximum nutritional benefit. 

We've spent six months meticulously researching the nutritional benefits of every possible juicing ingredient.  We have developed the most health-supportive, diverse and delicious juices and cleanse programs for you to enjoy.  We are producing all of the cleanses in our new commercial kitchen facility in San Francisco.  We're so excited to have the space to grow! 

2. Can I make changes to the juices? 

We can only make changes if you have a food allergy.  During the online ordering check out process, you will be prompted to list any allergies.  We take allergies very seriously and will take all possible precautions.  Please note, our facility does contain dairy, gluten and nuts.  We have automatic substitutions for common allergies so the juices you receive still taste great.  

3. Can I drink caffeine or alcohol?

Cleansing is a chance for your system to detox from the effects of caffeine and alcohol.  A common side effect is experiencing headaches, which typically results from caffeine withdrawal rather than the juices themselves.  We recommend gently lowering your caffeine intake as preparation before your cleanse.  If you need some form of caffeine, try small amounts of green tea.  Drinking more water also can help.  If the placebo effect helps, you can drink as much non-caffeinated herbal tea as you like!

4. What can I eat if I get hungry?

Do not to wait until you are very hungry to consume the next item in your cleanse.  Drink the juice and/or eat the food consistently throughout the day to help avoid mood side effects.  If you are still hungry, eat a raw fruit or vegetable or soaked nuts. If you're worried about being hungry, you can order a grain salad with your cleanse so you have a vegan, gluten free snack for when you need it!

5. What are possible side effects of cleansing?

Coffee and/or tea drinkers may experience headaches due to lack of caffeine (see question 3).

One possible side effect is feeling cold because you aren't consuming food.  We recommend heating up warm water or drinking non-caffeinated herbal tea.  

Another possible side effect is feeling tired - make sure to get plenty of rest during the cleanse.  Some people like to pair cleansing with long baths, massages or spa treatments to really treat their body!

Your system will be working hard to detox and your immune system may be more vulnerable for the first day or two of your cleanse.  If you're being exposed to illness in your environment or it's cold-season, we recommend being conscious of your immune system by getting extra rest during your cleanse. You can also order a fresh wheatgrass shot at the Plant location where you pick up your cleanse for a super immunity boost. 

6. Can I exercise normally on the cleanse? Can I add extra protein to the juices?

Be aware while exercising, you may experience lower energy levels during the first day or two of your cleanse.  We recommend starting with a gentler workout and scaling up from there based on how you're feeling.  Many experienced Plant cleansers report excellent stamina and increased energy during the latter part of their cleanse.  Please be careful and monitor yourself. 

You can add a hemp protein (3.5g protein per supplement) or spirulina supplement to the items in your cleanse.  When ordering online, you can select the number of supplements you would like to add per day.  We've tested which juices blend the best with our supplements and will add them accordingly.  We will put an identifying sticker on the juices with the supplement so you can drink it in tandem with your workout. 

Check out our recommended Athletic Cleanse Package.

7. Am I going to lose weight?

Every body is unique and responds to cleansing differently.  Our cleanses likely have less calories than you are used to consuming.  Drinking raw organic juice and eating a vegan, gluten free diet will very likely help your body achieve a healthy balance during the cleanse.  Many people do lose weight, but we like to think of it as a bonus, while the goal is to reset your body to a healthy place.  

8. How often can I cleanse?

You can cleanse as often as you like!  Many people like to do a deep cleanse seasonally or monthly.  Some people integrate light cleansing for one day every week to refresh their system.  You can also purchase a rotating selection of our cleanse program juices in our cafe and restaurant Grab & Go or have a juice made to order off our menu. 

9. What material do you serve the juices in?

We serve our juices in PET plastic 16oz bottles. PET plastic is globally recognized as a safe, BPA-free, recyclable packaging material. We cannot re-use juice bottles or juice carriers, please recycle them or re-use them at home. All food packaging materials are compostable. 

If you have ANY additional questions or concerns, please call our cleanse specialists at 415-923-8562 or email us at cleanse@theplantcafe.com.  We would love to hear from you and are happy to help!


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