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How many days?

It's completely up to you how many days you cleanse for. 

We recommend at least 3 days to feel the effects of detoxification. Choose dates that aren't extra stressful so you can focus on your body during the cleanse.

If you're new to cleansing, we recommend trying our First Time Package, it's a 3 day cleanse that will ease you in with food and juice before drinking only liquids on the third day. 

Many people like to do a deep cleanse seasonally, this could be for 5 - 14 days.

We also recommend integrating light cleansing for one day to refresh your system. For example, you could cleanse on Monday for one day after a weekend of dining out and drinking. You could do a one or two day cleanse after you get back from traveling. There are lots of ways you can incorporate cleansing into your weekly or monthly routine!

You can set up an online ordering account so it's quick and easy to re-order your favorite cleanse. 


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