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How to Prepare


Prepare your body to cleanse by lessening your intake of caffeine, sugar, dairy, gluten, meat and alcohol for 3-4 days prior.  It's important to scale back from your regular diet so the cleanse is less difficult psychologically and physically.  You should also increase your water intake. 

We recommend our Signature Cleanse or Green Signature Cleanse as day 1 of a juice cleanse for convenient preparation. 


Drink plenty of water during your cleanse!  It is recommended for men to drink approximately 3.0L of water and women 2.2L of water.  Starting the day with warm water and lemon is great for the body’s hydration and morning detoxification. 

Follow the labeled order and go at your own pace.  We recommend spacing out the items every 2 to 3 hours.  Do not to wait until you are very hungry to consume the next item. Drink the juice and/or eat the food consistently throughout the day to help avoid mood side effects. Try to finish all liquids at least 2 hours before going to bed. 

Your digestive system will likely be stimulated by the cleanse, if you feel uncomfortable we recommend non-caffeinated herbal tea or warm water with lemon.  Just remember, your body is also incorporating the clean, nutritious fruits and vegetables you're putting into it! 

Get ample rest during the cleanse and try to limit unnecessary stressors.


When you are finished with your cleanse, introduce dairy, gluten, meat, and sugar back into your diet slowly.  You can also order the Signature Cleanse as the last day of a juice cleanse to ease back into healthy food while still enjoying the benefits of juice. 


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